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Grand Central to LaGuardia Airport | LaGuardia to Grand Central


NYC Airporter is the official bus operator of the DOT & The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey. We provide affordable and on time, express bus service to and from Grand Central and LaGuardia Airport via our Grand Central Express Bus. It’s the best way to get from Grand Central to LaGuardia Airport or from LaGuardia Airport to Grand Central!

BOOK NOW on our website, to avoid lines at the bus stop or airport. There are no times when you book online, you can take any bus from 06:00-23:30 with the online confirmation

NYC Airporter offers passengers staying at a hotel between 23rd & 63rd streets, a free transfer to our hotel vans to your hotel. Just get off at our Bryant Park stop and transfer to our complimentary hotel vans that will take you to all Times Square and Midtown Manhattan Hotels. For your return trip back to the airport, you MUST go to one of our bus stops: Penn Station, Port Authority or Grand Central. We DO NOT pick up from hotels or from Bryant Park. PLEASE read for more information.

Please keep in mind that our complimentary hotel van service is optional, passengers have the option to use our complimentary vans to your hotel or you can take a cab after arriving at Bryant Park. Please keep in mind that many hotels are within walking distance from our bus stops. Please google your hotel and choose either Penn Station, Port Authority, Bryant Park or Grand Central terminal for directions from. Please take New York City traffic into consideration, we are not responsible for long waiting times for our complimentary vans. We will however provide the most professional and efficient service possible to get you to your hotel.

On your trip to LaGuardia Airport customers may board a NYC Airporter Express Bus at Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan:

  • Grand Central Terminal pick up ( Corner of 41st Street & Lexington Ave)

Please bring your web confirmation to our NYC Airporter agents, to redeem for bus tickets. Our agents will direct you to our Grand Central bus stop line, located just off the corner of 41st between Lexington Ave. Look for our agents standing nearby for instructions and information on the next bus arrival.


When catching a flight, always allow extra travel time in the event of traffic, vehicle breakdowns, construction delays and Holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas). NYC Airporter is not responsible for missed flights.

On average the travel time is 60 minutes. Buses stop at every terminal at LGA airport.

Daily hours of service at Grand Central are

  • 06:00 – 23:30 See schedule below.
  • The first bus departs Grand Central to LGA at 06:00
  • The last bus departs at LGA to Grand Central at 23:30
  • The Express Bus runs every 30 minutes depending on traffic, (Please take NYC traffic into consideration when traveling to the airport. Consider arriving at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight departure, especially for international flights)
  • 7 days a Week.
  • You can also visit our office at 369 Lexington Ave (41st Street), around the corner from the bus stop.

LaGuardia Airport to Grand Central

When you land – Please look for the NYC Airporter’s Uniformed Sales Agents wearing GREEN blazers or coats (Winter) or white shirts (Summer) at our desk located in the Ground Transportation Welcome Center, outside of the baggage claim area. You may also reach us by dialing 718-777-5111 or Dial 46 from the Welcome Center Phone Boards.

NYC Airporter Express Shuttle Buses stop just outside of the baggage pickup area at each LaGuardia Airport terminal. Travel times will vary depending on the time of day and day of week, as well as, events and activities impacting the traveled routes. On average the travel time is 60 minutes to Manhattan.


  • Starting Jan 9th. 2017- WE WILL ONLY BE DROPPING OFF AT THE MARINE AIR TERMINAL (TERMINAL A), NO PICK UPS from the Marine Air terminal. Passengers seeking pickups can take the free Port Authority bus to American Airlines (Terminals B & C)

Our buses drop off at 42nd street & Vanderbilt.

LaGuardia to Grand Central Terminal (GCT) / Grand Central Terminal to LGA Schedule

Important: Schedule is contingent on peak and off peak hours and depending on NYC traffic.

Penn = Penn Station
PABT = Port Authority Bus Terminal
GCT = Grand Central Terminal

LGA to NYC From PENN to LGA From PABT to LGA From GCT to LGA
6:00 6:15 5:45 6:00
6:30 6:45 6:15 6:30
7:00 7:15 6:45 7:00
7:30 7:45 7:15 7:30
8:00 8:15 7:45 8:00
8:30 8:45 8:15 8:30
9:00 9:15 8:45 9:00
9:30 9:45 9:15 9:30
10:00 10:15 9:45 10:00
10:30 10:45 10:15 10:30
11:00 11:15 10:30 10:45
11:30 11:45 11:00 11:15
12:00 12:15 11:30 11:45
12:30 12:45 12:00 12:15
13:00 13:15 12:30 12:45
13:30 13:45 13:00 13:15
14:00 14:15 13:30 13:45
14:30 14:45 14:00 14:15
15:00 15:15 14:30 14:45
15:30 15:45 15:00 15:15
16:00 16:15 15:30 15:45
16:30 16:45 16:00 16:15
17:00 17:15 16:30 16:45
17:30 17:45 17:00 17:15
18:00 18:15 17:30 17:45
18:30 18:45 18:00 18:15
19:00 19:15 18:30 18:45
19:30 19:45 19:00 19:15
20:00 20:15 19:30 19:45
20:30 20:45 20:15 20:30
21:00 21:15 20:45 21:00
21:30 21:45 21:15 21:30
22:00 22:15 22:45 22:00
22:30 22:45 22:30
23:00 23:00


Fast. Frequent, runs every 20-30min. Free WiFi.

Ride in comfort! All of our LaGuardia Airport Shuttle buses are brand NEW, ADA accessible, white in color, hybrid coach buses each containing a seating capacity of 31 passengers. Get comfortable on leather reclining seats, an overhead storage compartment, and reading lights.

Free Wi-Fi on board! Buses are equipped with free Wi-Fi, power outlets, video monitors, and overhead temperature controls for your comfort.

Frequent Service all day long! Our buses depart approximately every 30 minutes from LGA, JFK, Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal and the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

FREE! After a comfortable ride from LaGuardia to Manhattan, directly board our complimentary van transfer that is available to all Midtown Manhattan Hotels located between 23rd and 63rd Streets. An up to date list of our hotel stops and more information can be viewed by clicking here.

LaGuardia Airport Transportation


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  • available to and from
    all terminals

Look out for our FREE courtesy phones in every terminal located at the baggage claim area. Just dial 46 to contact our contact center.

LGA Airport Terminals – Airlines

Airline Terminal
Air Canada Airlines, AC Central Terminal
AirTran Airways Airlines, FL Central Terminal
American Airlines, AA Central Terminal
American Eagle Airlines, MQ Central Terminal
COMAIR, OH Delta Terminal
Delta Airlines, DL Marine Terminal
Delta Airlines, DL Delta Terminal
Frontier Airlines, F9 Central Terminal
JetBlue Airways Airlines, B6 Central Terminal
Southwest Airlines, WN Central Terminal
Spirit Airlines, NK Central Terminal
United Airlines, UA Central Terminal
US Airways Airlines, US US Air Terminal
US Airways Express, BK US Air Terminal