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Customer Quotes

24th Feb, 2015


First, I'd like to thank you again for taking such wonderful care of our group. I can't tell you how pleased they were to have someone meet them and not have to think about where they'd have to go. I would like to write a good online review for your company. Are you listed anywhere? Yelp? Trip Advisor?

Thanks so much for your help,


10th Dec, 2014

Enrique went out of his way to find our the overnight bag that we left on a shuttle van today. Enrique even "talked" us through the directions as we walked the unfamiliar streets of NY to find your headquarters where our bag was taken. We are grateful Enrique and the rest of the group who helped reunite us with this important piece of luggage.

Also, we were helped at the airport by very friendly personnel and later at the hotel shuttle stop. While standing in the rain waiting for the shuttle we encountered Kelvin Taylor who was very kind and understanding. He arranged for a substitute van to pick us up when the first one was delayed in traffic.

We think you are all doing a great job.


10th Dec, 2014

We were the recipients of some extra special assistance from two men in the nycairporter organization today.

We left an overnight bag on the van that picked us up from hotel shuttle stop across from the public library. After we arrived at our hotel (the Library Hotel), we realized our mistake and tried to call the office but only got prompts that led us to a full mailbox. One of the prompts gave the e-mail address for feedback, so I wrote a note of what had happened. Within just a minutes, Enrique called to get more details and said he would try to find the driver. He was able to find the bag and called us to tell us where it was. We left on foot to retrieve it, but walked a little too far. Enrique actually called me back and "talked" me through the directions until I was exactly where I needed to be. He was VERY helpful, extremely efficient, and very kind. I would like to commend him to whoever is his supervisor.

We also got good service from a man we believe to by Kelvin Taylor. He was the agent who was helping us find a van in the rain when the shuttle was delayed because of traffic. He was very polite and resourceful.

We are from Texas and have been very impressed with New Yorkers who go above and beyond their duties to be helpful.

Thank you so much for these valued employees.


9th Dec, 2014

I would like to let you know that today i made the acquaintance of mr Enrique Solis. We had used your service to get from JFK to Grand Central. In a mix-up we ended up with the wrong suitcase when the driver passed out luggage. Once we discovered the mistake we were very upset. However, Me. Solis had already noticed the mixup and thru extensive research tracked us down. He subsequently set everything right and did so expediently and very thoughtfully.

Thank you Mr. Solis!


9th Dec, 2014

My name is Mike M******. I am a Delta Airlines pilot who routinely rides NYC Airporter between LGA-JFK and occasionally to Grand Central. I am happy to report great service and friendly/courteous employees. Gamal Hussein was especially helpful a couple weeks ago with a tie that I left on a bus. Dispatcher Curvin and Ram were helpful getting the tie from lost and found. I recommend the Airporter to other airline employees and passengers. Hats off to great service! .


7th Dec, 2014

Hi: This is my second HIGH PRAISE email to NYC Airporter (first was 4/21/14) to report great airport transportation service and superb, professional, caring employees (DEREK (not sure of title), FARZANA (Agent), MATTHEW (Driver)! I still have a copy of that email if it's not on file anymore.

  On November 4, I took the 10:10am LGA-Pt Authority van (great trip and driver, but didn't get his name). Later, I noticed that my cellphone was missing. After reporting it to my provider, I left a voicemail on your system and followed it up with an email. Very soon, a very pleasant, professional young man, GAMAL HUSSEIN, called me to get a detailed description of my phone. He even called again to recheck the information. It turned out that I had not dropped or left it on your van, but somewhere in my lobby when I got my mail, cuz someone brought it into Security. I quickly called GAMAL to let him know, so he could stop the search. GAMAL is a wonderful, caring, motivated young man - THANK YOU SO MUCH, GAMAL HUSSEIN!!

  And, on December 2, I caught your LGA-Pt Authority van about 10am. I'm a senior citizen, who needs to wear a neck brace when I travel and use the airport wheelchair service. Your driver, WING AN, immediately helped me with my bag and up onto the van, as well as down when I got off. He is quite an asset to your Team and made this 76-year old lady feel real special! THANK YOU SO MUCH, WING AN!!

As the van goes from terminal to terminal, I noticed that most of your employees are very pleasant and professional. I pray that NYC Airporter continues to cultivate that motivation by recognizing them in very special ways, so that they never lose those extremely important traits!! NYC Airporter really takes the word "Service" seriously, in every way!! Long live NYC Airporter and it's great Customer SERVICE, along with convenient and comfortable transportation!

Thank you,


4th Dec, 2014

 I had visited New York between 22-25 nov 14 with my son on a wheel chair and was wondering how to get to 42 nd street with him on a wheel chair and two pieces of luggage. I was presently surprised availability of NYC transporter and their every willing helpful agents to board the bus and see to that my son was comfortably secured. It was also reasonable. I made sure i used the same service on my way back. very helpful and courteous staff and especially the drivers 

Thank you,


21st Oct, 2014

Wow this place is outstanding!!! We got in the bus from LGA Airport and went to Grand Central Station. Like idiots when we got out of bus we took the wrong suitcase but didn't realize it till we got to hotel at 11:30 P.M. Thanks to Gamal and Enrique. They helped us so much. We were in New York for a wedding and we were freaking out because our clothes were missing. NOt only did they find the suitcase they brought it to us at the hotel. I don't know what we would of done without Enrique and Gamal. They were professional and very respectful to me. Again thank you Enrique and Gamal for the wonderful service. You made my trip to New York wonderful!!!!

Thank you,


13th Oct, 2014

We want to thank Kevin(6842) for his helpful information on the NYCAirporter. It is the 1st. time we have taken it and it will not be the last. The driver was also very courtius and kind. We felt very safe with his driving. We will recommend this to anyone.


12th Oct, 2014

I want to thank the manager of the NYC Airporter office on E. 41st Street in New York City for their help in returning a bag to me. Last Tuesday, October 7th, I took one of your buses from LaGuardia Airport to New York City, leaving the airport about 1:30 or 1:45 p.m. Unfortunately I left a bag on the floor where I was sitting and got off the bus at the Grand Central stop. I realized it a few minutes later and ran back to get it but the bus had left for Penn Station and the Port Authority stops. Someone pointed out to me your office on 41st Street and I went there for help. The man I spoke with called ahead to see if he could contact the driver. Actually it could have been one of two buses. I was there at the office for over an hour. Even though we couldn't find the right driver, the gentleman in your office was so kind and helpful that it put my mind at rest. I had a number of things in the bag that were important to me (prescription glasses, 2 books. sweater, etc.). You are lucky to have such employees and I want to congratulate and thank you for hiring such special people.



8th Oct, 2014

I am visually impaired and went from NYC (Grand Central) to JFK at 9 a.m. on Saturday August 30. The dispatcher and the driver were both incredibly helpful and the driver, whose name I believe was Arthur, went above and beyond to get me a wheelchair.

I cannot thank him enough.


1st Oct, 2014

We used your service from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to JFK airport and it was a breeze. We purchased our tickets right at the bus stop quickly and easily, and were impressed with our driver who clearly explained where we were going, which terminals he would stop at, in which order. He drove smoothly and efficiently and we made it for our flight in plenty of time. Kudos - we will recommend your company and will definitely use your services again if we are in New York in the future.

Thank you very much!!


20th Sept, 2014

Hello, I wanted to let you know that I took the NYC airporter today at 715 from Penn Station to LGA, and the driver was excellent. He let us know ahead of time which terminal we would be getting off at, announced the airlines by terminal for us again at the airport, and was exceptionally polite. I unfortunately did not catch his name, but as a frequent user of your service, I wanted to let you know that he was great.

Thank you,


22nd Aug, 2014

i took the shuttle today from laguardia to grand central. i left a large piece of wood at the curb at laguardia and didn't realize until i was halfway into the city. once i got off the bus, i talked to enrique at the boarding stop at grand central and he went above and beyond to track down my item and get it returned to me. i am very grateful and wanted you to know.



11th July, 2014

Thank you for your time. I would like this email to be forwarded up the line as far as possible. I have worked in the customer service industry for approximately 25 years, including working for Whole Foods Market, which is renowned for it's leadership in service, in the industry.

Yesterday I forgot my luggage in the back of one of your buses, from LaGuardia airport to Port Authority Bus Terminal. I had been medicated, due to my fear of flying, and was fairly well unaware of my luggage before venturing into the terminal to catch a bus home to the Mid-Hudson Valley. I almost left, after about 20 minutes in the terminal, before realizing I was missing a bag with all my personal items.

Kevin Thompson was the Service Personnel that I came into contact with. He projected confidence, humor, and personableness to me, that he would get my luggage back. Kevin worked the radio quite a bit, in between helping other customers with their tickets. After locating my luggage, Kevin Thompson sent me to the next station via the next airporter bus.

I did not tell Kevin that I would write a letter of commendation, until after I knew my bag was secure. His behavior was indicative of someone who takes pride and joy in their work. In this day and age I understand that messages like this are valuable. His service was truly appreciated. Upon arriving at the next stop, I was assisted by another gentleman who also was extremely helpful. (unfortunately due to the medication I do not have recall of his name. He was latino, and fairly young, the supervisor at the Times Square stop) This young man noticed I was walking with a cane, and volunteered to carry my heavy bag about two blocks up, to get onto the next airporter bus back to Port Authority Terminal.

All of this help is truly appreciated, and seemed indicative of these gentlemen's work on a daily basis. I would like this email to be forwarded as far up the line as possible, and I will be sending an exact copy to various emails associated with this company.

Thank you


17th June, 2014

Many thanks for your help yesterday with the lost passport. One of the passengers did pick it up from the floor of the bus and called me as my business cards had my phone number. Thank you all for your patience and common sense advice. Especial trunks to Nick at your head office and Toussaint, the bus driver.



9th July, 2014

Dear Gamal,

I wanted to thank you once again for the outstanding assistance at JFK last weekend, on July 6th, retrieving my grey suitcase picked by a stranger from the Airport shuttle. I spread the news about this service around the whole Boeing company. We take airplanes seriously at Boeing, but often forget that travelling security is just as important if not more than the planes themselves.

If you wish, forward this to your supervisor, otherwise just wanted to say thanks on a personal level.



10th June, 2014

Dear Management, I am taking my time to thank all of your people. Please let them know the public needs and mostly greatly appreciate their transportation help. I have used your service a few times and now go out of my way to use this Value Priced Service.


9th June, 2014

Not gonna lie. I don't take the NYC Airporter for your good service. Most of the staff I've encountered have been forgettable and some outrageous. But today I has one of the best service experiences. I took the bus from Grand Central to JFK at 6:30 PM. The driver's name was Joseph. From the start he was very patient, friendly and kind. I noticed it because frankly it's kind of rare for your company. He went above and beyond to help passengers get to where they needed to be while remaining efficient. I believe he deserves special recognition for his hard work and good service. I know my interactions with him brought a smile to my face today and I'm sure others as well.


28th May, 2014

Used NYC Airporter for a return journey from JFK to hotels, and back; your staff rock. Courteous, diligent and helpful, whether in the bus, on the streets or in the airport. Will recommend NYC-A and use it again. Keep it up, folks! (Your form doesn't let me put in a UK postal code, so I made one up!


29th April, 2014


I would like to pass along our appreciation for Rahil's good spirits and humour. He was the first person we met in NYC after a long flight on Sunday and must us laugh and feel welcome. My wife said he was the highlight of our day. Please pass along our compliments.

Best Regards,

Stan & Nancy

2nd April, 2014

Dear NYC Airporter,

 I want to say how pleased I am for your overall service on a recent trip. I used your bus from GCT to JFK airport on Tuesday, March 18th. During the bus trip I left my glasses and did not realize it until I was well inside the airport and the bus was gone. I contacted your company through the feedback form on the 19th asking about the glasses. On Sunday, March 23rd, I received a call saying that you had found the glasses and further instructions of who to call on Monday the 25th. Finally, on Tuesday, March 26th, I retrieved my glasses from your on-site supervisor at the GCT location. The glasses were in perfect shape and the process was made easy. Thank you for your overall efforts on this. I very much appreciate having these glasses back. 

Best Regards,


31st March, 2014

Dear Management,

I am taking my time to thank all of your people. Please let them know the public needs and mostly greatly appreciate their transportation help. I have used your service a few times and now go out of my way to use this Value Priced Service. 


26th March, 2014

I used your service GCS to JFK on Tuesday, February 18th and have been meaning to send you this note. I thought your driver, Christian (I asked him his name) did an outstanding job. He was friendly, helpful, professional and put a positive spin on my day that had started out pretty poorly. You are lucky to have him.


6th January, 2014

Hi, I had a driver today he said he went by the name chile, he was absolutely wonderful.

Thank you for providing great service.


30th December, 2013

Hello, I wanted to compliment Chenell at LaGuardia airport for her helpfulness and professionalism. She went the extra mile to make sure I and several other travelers were informed of the shuttle pick-up time and service and invited us to wait inside as she would alert us to the shuttle's arrival. We all appreciated her excellent service. Happy New Year!


26th December, 2013

On 16 Dec, my husband and I took the shuttle from LGA to JFK. Unfortunately, NYC my husband forgot one suitcase in the bus. When I went to the JFK NYC Airporter counter, Marvin Parker and Jameune Vassell spent two hours trying to help me retrieve the bag. They made phone calls effortlessly. One agent was trying to be unhelpful but they persevered. I wanted to bring this to your attention because they went above and beyond the call of duty. They succeeded and I got the bag back. It was a wonderful Christmas present, and I am so grateful. 


17th December, 2013

The driver on I believe # 2443 on Dec. 17, from Laguardia to Port Auto. Was amazing. Helpful, courteous, and an especially best first person to meet upon coming to NY. I did not have anything smaller than a $20 for a tip, and feel bad about not tipping him.


16th December, 2013

Hi Anthony!

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner...we didn't end up needing a vehicle on Saturday but Friday and Sunday were AMAZING!! Ali and Carlos were so awesome and patient! Please give them the kudos they so deserve and making this experience so wonderful for my cousin and all the others! Thank you personally for being so understanding and patient with me. I know it would be very easy to treat this like just a job and provide transportation but you relieved my stresses and employ drivers with kind and patient dispositions. Reading reviews while searching for a company to use was scary as the transportation/condition of the vehicle/driver could make or break a good time!! You and the team definitely fulfilled everything I hoped this weekend would be...and the bride-to-be was ecstatic! If I ever need or know someone that needs car service in NYC be assured I will recommend you all with rave reviews!! Here's a pic of 14 of the 17! :)

P.S. Hope you had fun in the snow!!

Forever grateful,

Judy J

4th December, 2013

My experience with NYC Airporter was easy, clear and efficient. Found the kiosk easily and connected with the young man who directed me to wait close by for about 15 minutes, shuttle arrived and before I knew it I was at Grand Central. The return trip was as easy and efficient.

Thank you.


16th October, 2013


I just wanted to say what a lovely staff you have at your Laguardia location. Judy and Nabila were so helpful on Tuesday oct 8, so much so that I wanted to write an email about it. I had been traveling for weeks in south america only to come home and they switched my flight to come in to lga instead of newark.. I love in Philly so Newark is where I [refer to fly in and out of. They helped set me in the right direction, wince I was without a phone and no real direction of New york. Your buses were great too. Thank you very much! I will always use you for my travels in and out of Nyc! Thanks!!!



7th October, 2013

I just want to say how great the people at NYC Airporter are. I was halfway across the George Washington Bridge when I realized I left my tablet on the NYC Airporter shuttle bus. I thought I would never see it again. I called called customer service and, lo and behold, they found it. They kept it in a secure spot until I could return to pick it up. I want to especially thank Niasha Green and Justin Elzie (MOD). They tracked down the tablet with bulldog determination. It is because of them I am writing this e-mail. Kudos to Niasha and Justin! It is because of Justin and Niasha that I am your new number one fan.



25th September, 2013

Hi, Just a quick comment regarding our driver Nick who took us from grand central to la Guardia the other day. He was extremely pleasant and helpful. He's a credit to your company and I will be definitely using the service again.

Kind regards


17th September, 2013

Had a great experience yesterday! Wild day with the UN in town and President Obama; Nick, the driver, was phenomenal. First time using your company--very impressed!



15th September, 2013

I would like to let everyone know that NYC Airporter is the best shuttle service ever. I returned to JFK from Las Vegas tonight and took NYC Airporter back to Penn Station. I left my backpack on the bus. I realized it when I just got home. There were lot of valuable stuff in it. However, the bus driver -God damm it! I forgot to ask his name- gave me a call and said he could drop it near my apartment building. It was an amazing courtesy and customer service, and I really appreciate it.

To the company, please find the bus driver and treat him well. My bus left JFK terminal 3 around 10:20pm and got to Penn station around midnight.


1st September, 2013

I recently used NYC Airporter and I was very pleased with the service. I was in NY twice this month and used two different shuttle services. I was very impressed with NYC Airporter and wish I had used your company both times. I did have one suggestion. I thought the service was excellent but I didn't have cash on me to tip. Is there a way to tip when I make the booking online?

Thank you again for providing such wonderful service.


27th June, 2013


I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits. I am reaching out to you, because I am so grateful for the service I received from NYC Airporter during my last trip. Specifically, I got the best customer service from a woman named Lish. In the haste of my travels, I left a suitcase on the NYC Airporter bus on June 15th, 2013 at approximately 5:15 coming from LaGuardia and arriving at E 41st and Park. After running to return to the Airporter location, I was directed by a man to go speak to Lish who was in a neon vest. Lish and her colleague helped me to track pin down exactly which bus I was on and who the driver was, and was able to track down my bag. She contacted base and was so patient, gracious, and helpful to me the whole time. I am so grateful for her help that I thought I would reach out to her manager and tell of her great service.

Thank you so much to your team and I will continue to use your service loyalty and recommend you to all my friends.

Thank you to Lish!


26th June, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

 I have to write to tell you about the positive experience I had with NYC Airporter today. First I'd like to say that it is clear that the customer experience is very important to NYC Airporter. I had a positive experience with everyone I met (to and from my destination in New York).

But I want to specifically express my gratitude and awe regarding the skill and service provided by driver: "J. Medina." Today I had Mr. Medina as my driver from Central Station to JFK. We left Grand Central around 1PM. Traffic was heavy! I have to say on several occasions, Mr. Medina went above and beyond normal expectations in my opinion. I can list the occasions below:

1. Mr. Medina treated all of us as though we were his ONLY customers of the day. Somehow he know where each of us needed to be dropped off. In one instance, there was an elderly gentleman who did not understand where he should depart the bus. Mr. Medina was sure there was another passenger who should have departed at terminal 7 or 8. He made a final announcement, and just before he was about to pull off, he exclaimed, "I know whose stop this is!" He motioned to the elderly gentleman and proclaimed, "Caribbean Air! This is YOUR stop!" I'm telling you, the gentleman was so happy to be handled with such care!

2. Traffic was terrible this afternoon. Mr. Medina made a quick and beneficial decision to use the "back-roads" instead of the highway. Before doing this, Mr. Medina took the time to point out the heavy traffic while explaining his decision. It was absolutely the right decision. He told us we'd be on the back roads for only about 10 minutes. He was right! We got to JFK in no time! 2. On a terminal stop at the airport, there was an irate customer who was concerned that the NYC buses were taking too long to pick him up (traffic was really, really bad). The customer was shouting at the NYC rep. Mr. Medina witnessed this "confrontation" and came to the aid of his teammate. From the window we could see Mr. Medina try to calm the customer on behalf of his teammate. Knowing that he still had customers on his own bus to drop off, Mr. Medina did not take too long. In one fell swoop, he diffused the situation, provided an example for his teammate while showing compassion and teamwork at its finest! It seemed as if this took less than 2 seconds! We on the bus did not skip one beat!

3. Mr. Medina made sure to greet each and every one of us as we entered the bus and as we left.

I hope the leaders at NYC Airporter are aware of the great work ethic of J. Medina. If this is how he shows up to work everyday, he is the kind of employee ANYONE would love to have. I hope those who need to know, know how to nurture the potential we all witnessed in this young man. I'm sure his tip total (which he does not expect) is higher than most - just due to his service!

J. Medina is a keeper! He made my day today!



25th June, 2013

I arrived at JFK Airport from Turkey on June 23, 2013 about 5:30 p.m. I just want to let your company know about the courteous and helpful service I received from Nynjah. He was friendly, and helped me with my luggage to get across the street to where the bus would be stopping. He also showed me where to stand so that I could get out of the wind.

It was so nice to arrive in NYC and meet and friendly and helpful person. Nynjah is a credit to your company, and his attitude and helpfulness should be emulated by all your employees.

Thank you.


20th June, 2013


Just wanted to acknowledge, thanks  and give feedback on the very professional, courteous and efficient service rendered by your team on my coach trip from EWR to LGA on the 19th June. Your team was really friendly and all doubts I had on how to make my connections to LGA were resolved by the bus drivers of both coaches on my way to LGA. The bus I took left EWR at approximately 0825 and I arrived at LGA at approximately 1015.

Thank you.

M. Rane

1st May, 2013

I would like to let you know that on Friday 4/12 at about 5pm the driver of bus number 3201 was amazing. Hospitable, helpful, efficient and kind. I cannot say enough kind words it was such a great experience.


27th April, 2013

I had small trip to New York in the past weekend. I did the reservations online to the ground transportation from La Guardia to Grand Central Terminal and vice versa in my trip back to La Guardia. I just writing this, to congratulate you all for this excellent service !! bus drivers and coordinators were always with professional attitude and willing to help.The schedule on time ! and I enjoyed my short trip to New York !! I strongly recommend my friends and relatives to use this ground transportation through

C. Romero

25th April, 2013

I didn't have local currency to tip on last night from jfk-gct. Sylvester is a nice, polite staff member who got us to manhattan quickly once we were done with airport pickups.

J. Delano

15th April, 2013

From Twitter:

@NYCAirporter: Really, really liked the #firstclass service getting from LaGuardia to Midtown #NYC; loved drivers Omar & Juan (& music) too.

Rick, Editor of Group Tour Media

10th April, 2013

Hello! I just wanted to say that I have now traveled with NYC Airporter 4 times to and from the city from laguardia and have been consistently impressed. The employees I have interacted with have been well informed and very polite. They are very accurate about when the next bus will come/leave, they even made sure I made it on one time when I ran to grab a snack before jumping on. I just wanted to say thank you as it makes an already long travel day a little more enjoyable being surrounded by nice people and a clean environment. Have a good one!


4th April, 2013

What a pleasure to have classical music on the trip---makes it certain I will use you again Thanks


24th March, 2013

Some time ago I had two great experiences with one of your drivers, Will. Unfortunately I do not know his last name but both times it was on a trip from LGA to NYC. He was not only courteous but well dressed, well informed and a very safe and comfortable driver who got me to my destination in a timely manner as well.

Instead of blaring rock and rap music, he had an easy to listen to station at a comfortable volume and that was so appreciated by me.  He also dealt with a disgruntled passenger in a professional manner and therefore the passenger left in a much better frame of mind. This could easily have escalated and prolonged the drive back to the city but he knew how to handle this person in the best way possible.

Please pass along my compliments to him and I would recommend some of your drivers take customer service and safety lessons from him.

A frequent rider,  

Captain, Delta Air Lines

J. Mordue

24th March, 2013

My roommate recommended I try your service. I'm glad I listened to her.

Had a hard time finding the feedback form button. Where the instructions say "click on the Feedback Form" have that actually hyperlink to the form.

Just wanted to say that buying my ticket online made it super simple and one less thing to stress about in transit. Also, the fact that you take cards on the street is super smart. Finally, Dean may be the best customer service-oriented employee a company could ever ask for. Great attitude, made people feel comfortable, took charge and led first timers through the process. He even knew every terminal for each customer as he was helping us with our bags. Love that the shuttle I was in at 6:30pm this past Thursday night had a plug so I could recharge my phone.

Comfy seats too! Overall great experience and made decent time to JFK too. See you again soon!

E. Sinkovic

1st March, 2013

I want to thank this company for its kindness and respect for customers. I bought a ticket recently but it was accidentally taken twice from my credit card account. When I informed the company about this, I got a really kind apology. I just received the refund and a letter of explanation. I would recommend this company to anyone, and will be using your services in the future.

P. Onukar

13th February, 2013

I rode the transporter from LaGuardia to Grand Central Station on Feb 12. After leaving the bus and walking toward my meeting I realized I left my wallet on the bus. I quickly returned to the drop off point and spoke to the supervisor to ask for help in locating the bus and the wallet. His response was immediate and extremely helpful. I was able to identify the driver and the bus and he quickly spoke to the dispatcher and eventually the driver. After many anxious minutes he told me the driver ( Mr. Smith) had located the wallet and would be returning to the Grand Central location shortly. Thanks to their efforts and exceptional customer service I was able to recover my lost item and continue to my scheduled activities. I want to commend the staff of NYairporter for their exceptional service and dedication to the customer.

J. Finkelstein

31st January, 2013

Hello Sir/Madam,

I took the NYC airport bus from Port Authority in NJ to the La Guardia airport in New york at about 5pm on January 26th 2012. It was cold and was out of cash by $4.00. But your staff were kind enough to waive that amount and let me board the bus since I could not walk to the ATM. I sincerely thank you.

Excellent customer service.

G Gayatri

28th January, 2013

We want to commend Luis, the bus driver for outstanding service on our ride from JFK to PABT on Jan 24. He was very pleasant, cheerful and efficient. He is a great asset to your company.

E. Miller

16th January, 2013

I never usually give feedbacks but my daughter keeps talking about the lady at the airport. We had missed our connected flight back to florida due to the long lines in customs so we had to catch another flight from LGA, the lady that sold us the tickets 01/10 about 5:00pm was so upbeat with a more than friendly personality, Kaisha I believe her name is, she kept my daughter saying holler everytime she hear lagurdia. It was about 20 people that missed our flights but she kept everybody calm and entertained with her little jokes, the driver too ways good said little words but he was very attentive to our questions and concerns, even though the bus took awhile to pick us up we were pleased by the staff. Great company!

L. Tinsley

1st January, 2013

It is not often that iI write feedback for a service provider.But I want to thank you guys and your excellent team.I had recently used your service and unfortunately left my carry on bag which had my passport and other valuable items,but your company was efficient to trace my bag in 5 mins and return me everything safely.I am really thankful for the gesture

S. Dixit

29th December, 2012

I took one of your buses to Grand Central rather than wait almost 2 hours for a yellow cab to take me to Brooklyn. I just wanted to say the driver, I believe his name was George, driving bus 3227 I think it was, he was amazing. Extremely friendly, funny, gave tons of great info for people who need to get to connecting rides or how to get anywhere. Just a super great guy. I've never taken one of your buses before but I'll surely see it as one of my options in the future. Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to get George again next time.

M. West

14th December, 2012

It took an hour to get to my destination but that was traffic. However the driver and the kid that took my payment at JFK on 12/13 around 430pm was awesome. He had a professional attitude that goes over the top. I appreciate attitudes like that because US Customs really pissed me the hell off! Thanks and good job on the price! Wow is all i can say!!!

A. Pearson

4th December, 2012

I recently missed a flight at JFK and needed to get to LaGuardia. This being my first trip to NYC and in a very stressful situation on a rainy, cold night, I was very happy with the pleasant service given by your agent, Craig. He was speedy, thorough and helpful. He kept the group of us inside and warm until our shuttle bus arrived, then hurried us into place. My impressions from my visit to NYC have been shaped by the friendly helpfulness of people like him

D Palmer

19th November, 2012

So often people complain, but I wanted to pass along a great experience I had with NYC Airporter. It was my great fortune to have Richard as my driver both from and returning to LGA. He was courteous and conscientious and exhibited great ease with two languages. He took time to help several us get to exactly where we needed to go, either with actual transportation or information. It would have been enough to just get from a to b safely, but Richard did so with a smile in a job that I'm sure is often thankless. I looked up the reviews on yelp and was surprised to see so many negative comments.  

I will be adding a glowing review. I'll definitely use NYC Airporter for my next NY trip. Thanks again!

Tyra Martinn

7th October, 2012

Hector delivered awesome customer service - great attitude & extreme friendliness!

I missed my flight from JFK, so Hector drove me to LGA, and first explained that we were going to stop at all the JFK terminals. Nice and thoughtful! His positive outlook & great chitchat (I sat in front seat - no one was in the bus till later JFK terminals). When the bus was ready to depart JFK for LGA, Hector simply explained to us passengers how long it would take to get to LGA & what order of stops he would make - quite refreshing. He also explained to me about routes to Manhattan.

Thank you, thank you for Hector's fabulous customer service! What a delight! Totally erased away my thoughts about missing my flight and spending half a day a LaGuardia:-)

Thank you, Hector! Keep up your great spirit and driving!

Will certainly take NYC Airporter again (was my 1st experience)!


13th August, 2012

“I would like to thank Ms Judy James and Ms Sunai Choi from the New York Airporter, for their assistance on 08/10/12.

On Friday 10th 2012 numerous flight cancellations were experienced due to thunderstorms in the area. An Airtran ticketing agent brought two ( 2 ) passengers to the ground transportation desk for options to Atlanta.This was their first visit to N.Y.C and they flew in from Korea.They were scheduled to connect with their step-daughter in Atlanta and then fly to Las Vegas on Sunday evening.Ground Transportation Agent, CCR Chapman, called Amtrak, who had no service until Monday 13th August; however, she was able to get them on Greyhound leaving at 2015 hrs. It was now necessary to get the passengers to the Port Authority Bus Terminal , in order to uplift their bus tickets form the Greyhound desk.

I was fortunate to meet Ms Sunai Choi, NYC Airporter Ticket agent, who spoke Korean. I asked her to call her manager on duty to ask for their assistance in getting these passengers safely to the PA Bus Terminal. I spoke to Judy James and explained the situation. She immediately assured me that Ms Sunai will escort the passengers to the bus terminal as Ms Sunai was "off duty" and was headed in that direction.

At approximately 1510 hrs, Ms Sunai responded to the East Wing Welcome Center and was introduced to the passengers ,who were extremely happy to meet her .Earlier the AT&T Language Line was utilized.

Ms Sunai went above and beyond her call of duty. She calmed the passengers and her interaction with them was very pleasant and polite as she displayed great patience.

Please extend our thanks to both Judy and Sunai. Had it not been for their intervention,at my request, especially Sunai, these two passengers, Ms Yoon Hee Sun and her husband, would not have been able to navigate their way to the Greyhound's desk on their own.

These two employees are a great asset to your company.

Thanks again.”

Terry Rampersaud

12th August, 2012


Thank you for making my return trip easy and pleasant as promised. I look forward to continue using NYC Airporter and applaud the quality of customer service that I was treated with-- very much appreciate it.

Have a wonderful evening.


12th August, 2012

To whom it may concern,

On Aug 6th, 2012, traveling from LGA headed to Grand Central Terminal, I had lost my wallet on the shuttle. Realizing that i had lost my wallet 10+ minutes after leaving the shuttle, I decided to try and return to the stop location and try to ask the NYCairporter employees if my wallet was found. To my luck, the driver on that day (Will?) had found my wallet and turned it in to the manager on duty that day (a lady). Everything from credit cards to $400 in cash was still there. The manager was even trying to call my doctor to see how the wallet could be returned to me. Grateful, I gave both the manager and driver a small cash reward for their integrity and honestly. I hope that these 2 employees get the much deserved praise and recognition that resulted from this incident.

Thank you very much.

Thomas N.